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CSR – Buzzeasy

While BuzzEasy is a young startup, we believe it’s better to start early! While our impact maybe a little but we believe in doing our bit & we understand that our responsibilities towards the society are never less.

The emphasis placed by more and more companies on corporate social responsibility symbolizes the recognition that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society – Tony Blair.

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, our company; BuzzEasy, uses its core business services & platform to derive data & insights to create a positive buzz & we intend to offer these services to various Charitable and Non-profit organizations in our community for free.

There would be some people who might be looking for charitable organizations like you, to seek your help; others might be looking to render their support. But, Alas! Nothing good comes out of your aspirations until you are able to reach out to a right spectrum of audience.

Letting your voices heard by masses is one of the major issues you might be facing. We help you let your voice be heard and be supported by the right group of people.

In our endeavour to do that, we offer free services to the most* the non-profit organizations and charitable trust so that we can help them reach masses easily. If you are a charitable and non-profit organization and you think your voice is being unheard by the right audience and wants to widespread your activities, we can help you do that through the most prominent media – the social media & Internet. We offer all our services to you at absolutely no cost.

Let us, you and we together make a better world.

For more details or any collaborations, please write to us at csr@buzzeasy.in

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