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Convert visitors to Customers with our E-commerce Marketing

Call it a crunch of time or the convenience of online shopping, more and more people are now preferring online shopping for their various shopping needs. Although, consumers do not just prefer any brand for the sake of convenience. A thorough research of available options, their price band, ratings & reviews is performed in order to take a purchase decision. With the right e-commerce marketing, that decision can be turned in your favour. “The Overall Indian e-commerce market had reached Rs. 1,07,800 crores (US$24 billion) by the year 2015 is estimated to grow to $850 billion by 2020, – with an estimated CAGR of 10%.” But the question is: Between so many e-commerce brands exploiting the power of e-commerce, our various e-commerce services will help you become your target customers’ ultimate choice?

How can we benefit you?

Product & Content Strategy

Be it a large player people trust from decades or new upcoming startups, the opportunity to be visible to your potential customers is immense. By creating a convenient & customer-centric user experience and offering all the relevant information, we create a following better than many.

Unlike Bricks & Mortar, e-commerce offers unlimited shelf space to your products & services. With data-driven actionable insights & research-driven industry trends, we suggest you a  large and impactful collection that can be added to your business. We validate such decisions through various A/B testing methodologies.

Customer Influence & Experience

Time is crucial & time is a prime reason why a lot of customers resort to e-commerce in the first place. Our experts put in efforts to minimize the time spent on the website by consumers in the buying process. 

With the hardship of not being able to see, touch or feel the product, scepticism becomes a big problem. To provide a proof of quality, it is significant to have positive ratings, reviews & social status. Your potential customers may not trust you but they have every reason to trust your existing customers’ review – be it good or bad. 

Performance Tracking and Analysis

Our e-commerce marketing team promote your brand and boost product visibility through advertising on these sites. The effective advertising and campaigning help you reach your target audiences faster.

We keep a regular track of your performance and hence improvising on our strategies to make them further better.

Our experts work towards providing your customers’ utmost satisfaction & likable experience. While such operations build a prominent brand name, our calculative operations & analytical decisions provide the business maximized ROI.

How our PROCESS works?

  • Approach Strategy

  • Plan & Content Building

  • Build Influence

  • Build Campaigns

  • Track & Analyse Performance

Get your Branding, Communication & Marketing strategies reviewed by our experts

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