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Have you ever given a thought to

how your online reputation is influencing your business?

In today’s “customer is the king” world, it is fundamentally important for a brand to not only maintain a positive reflection but to strengthen the brand at its core. Such strength comes from strong principals dedicated to Consumer Servicing & Enhancing User Experience at all ends possible. But none of this happens in a day!

To begin with, time & efforts should be directed to listen to customers, service & engage them to keep them satisfied. This builds trust & ensures customers a flexibility to be able to reach out to the brand whenever need be. With the variety of influential communication channels available to a consumer, it becomes the need of the hour to take conversations in control before they impact how the world sees you online. The control could be seen in ways ranging from being present among your customers to improving brand image to repairing negative reputation. In either of a situation, efforts are largely put to building a relevant communication strategy along with encouraging positive conversations, diluting unfair reviews, removing obsolete information or tackling rival slander. In addition, leveraging associations with the right influencers can impact a brand’s reputation with the right BUZZ, offering it, the influencers credibility and visibility.

How can we benefit you?

Online Monitoring

Statistics say, “85% of customers use the Internet to research before making a purchase.” Our ORM experts cautiously track the available online conversations to discover the gap between Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction.

Be it Social Media Monitoring or Search Engine Monitoring, it is integral, to begin with, Risk & KPI Identification. Furthermore, to track all conversations happening in the name of your brand, we use tools like Social Mention, Online responsive checker & Google Alerts. Once the conversations have been identified, our experts assist in response management aligned with a communication strategy. Alongside, our team works on controlling the situation by curbing any bad conversations and amplifying the good one. Such monitoring is an ongoing process & should be repeatedly practised.

In a nutshell, online monitoring encapsulates turning conversations in favour of the brand thereby giving an elevated brand reputation.

Reviews & Ratings

Potential customers go through thorough research before associating with a new brand. It is significant that during this research, your brand is showcased in a positive light. This is why, like it or not, reviews and ratings can make and break your brand. To achieve the former, our experts follow a simple strategy, which we call “FATE”:

F: Focus on encouraging customers to share reviews via incentivizing customers with offers, email marketing & social media marketing.

A: Amplifying the existing positive reviews by disseminating them on various channels.

T: Trying to either eliminate negative reviews or at least manage with a relevant response while also incorporating their feedback to better the brand’s product & services.

E: Extensive platform coverage of various discussion forums to consumer complaint forums to social groups to QnA platforms & ensuring their issues get resolved.

Crisis Management

No crisis can be predicted or avoided. They are disruptive & unexpected events which threaten to harm your organization. Crisis can come in any form:

  • Personnel Crisis: Individual misconduct and unethical or illegal activities, Cases of Sexual Harassment
  • Consumer Crisis: Misconducts and allegations related to the products & services of a brand
  • Community Crisis: Activities by the organization resulting to harm the community or people externally
  • The Crisis of Malevolence: Attempt of attack by competitors to negatively impact your brand image for their own brand’s success

But, our holistic approach eliminates or at least dilutes such undesirable content and replace it by creatively processing available information. We mitigate future risk opportunities, freeze assets, respond with quick announcements, increase security on all digital accounts & initiate legal groundwork to curb the issue & prevent the brand from any further damages.

Altogether, we believe a prompt resolution can stabilize customers’ and employees’ trust and can negate all types of direct loss of financial and business opportunities which would have otherwise resulted because of the crisis.

How our PROCESS works?

  • Research & Situational Analysis

  • Planning & Brand Communication

  • Repair Critical Damages

  • Optimize Customer Experience

  • Leverage Influencer Credibility & Reach

Get your Branding, Communication & Marketing strategies reviewed by our experts

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