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95% of online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social”. With such widespread opportunities, are you leveraging them right?

With the popularity gained by Social media platforms, the opportunities for a business to connect with, engage and generate leads has also grown manifold. To obtain optimum utilization of this trend & the virality it carries, it is vehement to pursue such platforms and reap their benefits.

50% of shoppers claim to have bought the service or product based on the recommendations they receive on social media networks. About 96% of marketers are presently using social media platforms for marketing. And about 90% of them said that these platforms created enormous publicity for their company. With such statistics being in your favour all you are left to do is let the experts bring you growth and success. 

Social media is driven by rich content & customer engagement. However, only posting will never work out. Every brand requires a unique social media strategy which is in line with the business objectives, a strategy which will help their brand reflect its true self to the relevant audience, in the relevant communication obtaining the relevant benefits. Such benefits can be scored with the various permutation of services & our team of experts has just the right formula to accelerate your social status.

How can we benefit you?

Audit & Planning

Our specialists dig in deep to understand how your brand is perceived, industry patterns of communication, audience insights & consumer preferences & last but not the least competitors social status. Such an exercise provides actionable insights to the business & a direction for social strategy.  Yet, the most significant job is to formulate a workable holistic social strategy which will not only pull customers attention & engagement but will also drive conversions.

Communication – Content & Visual

Our team ensures your tone & communication is positive, to the point, brand-centric & similar across all channels. It is significant for us as your extended team to make sure there is no discrepancy between the brand tonality in both, online & offline conversations and mentions. Although a part of the day to day operations, our team works very hard to give you unique, dynamic & personalized content, often with an appropriate & attention-grabbing visual representation.

Amplify Impact – Ads & Engagement

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, an advertisement is the key to reach a wider audience. While great content gives you an opportunity to go viral, the platform for the same is enabled by Social Advertisements. We leverage the potential of ads to not only improve your social following but help your products reach the right audience leading to conversions.

The idea of social revolves around community & that is where your business should be. Our team of experts discovers the most relevant groups, discussions & conversations for you to be a part of & benefit from the visibility. 

Be Influential & Omnipresent

We may have a great story but getting the right storyteller does simplify the job. Our influencer management team works closely with our social team to help businesses find the right influencers who can help our clients reach wider & relevant masses.

Using the power of social tools, our team helps you be visible across-channels and customize your content basis the audience behaviour of that particular platform.

How our PROCESS works?

  • Research and Analysis

  • Strategy Formation

  • Social Campaigns & Ads

  • Analysis and Reporting

We aesthetically study your business traits & find the best suited social media platforms for you to gain maximum benefits.

But how to decide which platform is best for your business?


With its attractive visual interface, Instagram draws the maximum youth engagement these days. Instagram Marketing can bring huge benefits to Lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury brands.


Facebook marketing, no doubt is the king of social platforms; it is meant for literally everyone. Designed to offer deep & actionable insights, Facebook can be extremely impactful, if done right.


If you want to build & reflect your reflection as an enterprise, LinkedIn is your place to be. Suitable for B2B service providers, Recruiters, and Job-Seekers, LinkedIn has the maximum penetration for B2B communications.


Youtube marketing is the best fit for businesses, being incredibly powerful to engage customers and generate leads through transactional and informational content.


Power-packed Twitter marketing can open various doors of opportunities for your business. Tweets are said to be very influential & sometimes, even one viral tweet can make and break your brand, quite easily.


Pinterest is the perfect platform to discover anything new ranging from fashion, food, design, travel and anything DIY.

Get your Branding, Communication & Marketing strategies reviewed by our experts

& streamline yourself with some trending & tailored strategies for your domain.

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